The fingers and hands can suffer from serious and debilitating arthritic pain. The long term effects are often not understood so sufferers don’t take the condition seriously when symptoms first appear.

Long Term Effects of Arthritic Finger Pain

In the long term, all aspects of living can be affected by arthritic pain of the hand joints. Sufferers often find that simple tasks they used to perform daily; they can no longer do. Imagine not being able to reach into your pocket to pull out keys or be unable to peel vegetables or simply turn on a tap because of the limited mobility in your hands and fingers. Imagine experiencing pain so debilitating it keeps you awake at night and you are unable to do up your buttons or bra to dress yourself in the morning. All these situations certainly don’t make an ideal way to go out about your day, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Be Pro Active in Seeking Drug Free Pain Relief

Being proactive in regard to arthritic conditions is the first step in receiving relief. The symptoms can easily be treated and even reversed when there is limited stiffness. The longer you wait to receive treatment the more your nodules and mobility can be seriously affected.

Diet Choices to help Arthritic Finger Pain

Looking at what foods we are eating to fuel our bodies can be the first step in gaining relief from arthritic pain. Eating a low acid diet which includes lemon juice (which is acidic on the tongue but alkaline within the body) is recommended along with reducing deadly night shade foods such as tomatoes and potatoes. 

Olive Oil is recommended in the diet of arthritis sufferers. Treat this liquid gold as a medicine and aim to drink 15 to 30ml a day (a little sprinkled on your salad is not enough.) Purchase good quality Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil as this is by far the most therapeutic.

Supplements to help minimise Arthritic Pain

Supplements can help minimise the pain associated with arthritis. A good quality wild harvested fish oil, magnesium and glucosamine supplement is recommended. It is important to always remember quality is the most important when choosing which brands to use. A quality glucosamine will contain; MSM (green lip muscle extract) which reduces inflammation but has no effect upon degeneration plus magnesium and copper to reduce inflammation along with regenerating the damaged joint. Patients often say they see no benefit from glucosamine, yet when switching to a high quality product experience a significant improvement. 

Take Action and Receive Relief Today for Arthritic Finger Pain

For drug free pain relief for a lasting outcome, it is important to treat the condition, not just symptoms of arthritic fingers. Whether experiencing early signs or more advanced symptoms MyBack Myopractic Bunbury can help you gain relief. Contact Michael Treloar on 0438 339 001 today to regain your quality of life and continue living life to the full.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is general information. Speak to your healthcare professional or Michael Treloar for more in-depth and personal advice on which supplement products are the most therapeutic.

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