What is Myopractic?

Myopractic is an advanced diagnosis and treatment for achieving deep relaxation and freedom from skeletal pain and other associated conditions.

Myopractic stimulates muscle reflexes at specific sites that trigger profound physiological effects including:

Relief of painful spinal nerve pressure

By the relaxation (lengthening) effect on the offending muscle contractions, restoring normal spinal alignment.

Freedom of movement

A sense of ease is restored to the body when muscle fibres are enaled to flow freely past each other creating flexibility and promoting relaxation.

Greatly reduced inflammation

Via lymphatic drainage of inflammatory substances and metabolic waste. Hence, Myopractic treatment is effective for sporting injuries where massage is contraindicated.

Increased muscle strength and balance

By normalising nutrient and oxygen exchange through improving the flow of lymph, blood and nerve supply to muscle tissue.

What is Myopractic – The History!

The Myopractic method was developed by Dr. Neil Skilbeck who studied under the late Tom Bowen whose ingenious approach to bodywork (Bowen Therapy) has spread both within Australia and overseas. Dr. Skilbeck’s experience as a Chiropractor and Osteopath coupled with his observations of Tom Bowen’s work has resulted in the development of Myopractic therapy.

Move Well, Move Pain Free!

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