I’m now living life
"Picking up kids and getting heavy loads in and out of the car – all easy now. (I’m now) living life, not protecting myself from certain actions, thanks so much."
Ms M.L.
29 years
He’s never complained since
"Everyone said my 11 year old son had growing pains… a Myopractic treatment and some simple advice from Michael and he’s never complained since."
Mrs C.T.
for G.T. 11 years
I worked a long shift and never thought of my feet
"I could not stand on my feet for a whole day at work. After the first Myopractic treatment, I worked a long shift and never thought of my feet. Now I only see Michael for a treatment whenever they (my feet) rarely flare up… Thanks so so much."
Mrs C.D.
48 years
Greatest treatment
"Having a physical job, mobility and flexibility are vital. Myopractic has helped me work for years without complaints becoming chronic and as debilitating as they used to be. Greatest treatment I’ve ever had."
Mr G.P.
43 years, Builder
I’m free to stand straight
"While lifting, (I heard) a sudden click and my back locked up. In the past this took weeks, lots of drugs & stretching to resolve. Sleepless nights & not standing straight for weeks! One Myopractic treatment & I’m free to stand straight with no pain. 3 treatments & I’ve never looked back."
Mr. M
53 years

Move Well, Move Pain Free!

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