Frequently Asked Questions

Your health care professional will take a full history of your current and past health issues including the location, history and severity of particular conditions. You will lie face down on a comfortable treatment bench and an assessment of your range of movements will then be carried out with particular interest shown on areas of restricted movement, or pain with movement.

No, it is not required for you to remove your clothes for a Myopractic treatment, provided the Myopractor can effectively examine the muscles. Please wear loose fitting clothing for your appointment, as tight heavy jeans for example, make treatment more difficult.

Initial consultations take around 45 minutes to an hour. Follow-up treatments are usually 30 minutes.

The first consultation takes about an hour and we often recommend a second treatment (30 minutes) 4-7 days after your first treatment. You are unlikely to need constant treatment. After the second or third treatment most patients only return when they feel things going wrong again and this could be once every few months to once every year or two.

Myopractic involves no bone manipulation (bone crunching). Myopractic works on tight muscles which might be pulling bones out of place. The work we do on muscles may be uncomfortable for some people, but at all times your feedback is welcome. We aim to provide you with a comfortable, pain-free treatment.

Yes, a person of any age can benefit from Myopractic treatment. For example, we can treat colic in babies and growing pains in teens.

The loss of bone density (osteoporosis) is common as we age. There should be no issues for someone with osteoporosis having a Myopractic treatment. We take our time, get constant feedback from you and work on the muscles not bones.

We are happy to accommodate if you come along with a partner, a friend or need to have the kids with you. There is plenty of room.

Myopractic treatment is safe during pregnancy (but please do tell me if you could be pregnant). Your pregnant body produces hormones which change the way your muscles and ligaments work in preparation for labour. Prior to birth and post birth, Myopractic treatment could be very useful.

If you are in pain now, cold is better than hot as a topical treatment. Magnesium supplements can help in relaxing tight muscles. Anti-inflammatory drugs are better than pain-relief drugs (Voltaren is better than Panadol, if it sits OK with your body), as inflammation leads to pain. Be active – tell your muscles it’s OK to move. Bed rest is a no-no for most back injuries.

Payment is required at time of the consultation. Cash, cheque or EFTPOS are accepted.

Move Well, Move Pain Free!

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