Relaxing after a long day in a recliner chair is a common practice of many people. However, recliner chairs and any chairs that lean back including office chairs, can be the surprising culprits of many people’s pain including neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. 

The difference to your neck in a normal chair vs a recliner

When sitting in a normal chair you are looking straight ahead, putting minimal flexion or extension on your neck. However, when in a recliner chair it’s common to hyper-extend your neck especially if you are reading a book or watching TV. The result, shoulder problems, neck stiffness and headaches.

If you regularly sit in a recliner and are suffering from neck, shoulder, back pain or headaches, it’s recommended you change to a normal chair where you are sitting up straight and see if it helps to alleviate your pain.

Muscles Move Bones

Remember it’s the muscles that move your bones, so it’s no good forcing bones back if you don’t take the stress off the muscles first.

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