Myopractic treatment is every effective for a range of back problems.

The psoas muscle is deep in your tummy and joins onto your vertebrae then goes on and joins to your femur. Remember muscles pull they don’t push so the large psoas muscle which is the thickness of your forearm is what general causes most back pain.

If you are having to go back repeatly for treatment for your lower back pain it is likely that the cause of your back pain is not being addressed. You are only receiving symptomatic treatment.

Myopractic uses highly sophisticated diagnostic techniques to precisely locate fascia muscle and spinal misalignment within your body. Many health problems originate from these misalignments. Myopractic focuses on the fascia muscles and ligaments that support the joints of your body.

You do not remove your clothing for a treatment and you won’t have to keep coming back continuously. Book an appointment with Michael at MyBack Myopractic to see if your psoas muscle is the cause of your back pain.

Do You Have Ongoing Back Pain?
Psoas Muscle Might be The Problem

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