Your upper leg muscles, the quads and hamstrings, are very important muscles with regards to mobility and can help a Myopractor diagnose a patient’s condition. This is demonstrated in clients with tight hamstrings as tight hamstrings normally indicate a problem with the psoas muscle, located deep in your stomach, and have a large role to play when it comes to your mobility.

Read on to discover more insightful information on these upper leg muscles including:

  • What happens to your upper leg muscles as you age?
  • How the strength of your leg muscles helps to prevent falls

What happens to your upper leg muscles as you age?

At a young age, our muscles are good and strong both back and forward giving us the ability to go from sitting to standing purely using these muscles. The quads and hamstrings are the biggest muscle group and when looking at a younger person you can see the muscles go in towards the knees. As we age, our muscles lose strength and weaken. This can be visibly seen in some cases by an older person’s knees poking outwards.

As these muscles continue to lose strength and weaken, the result is it being highly likely when going from sitting to standing that other muscles are engaged, or you will use the arm of a chair as an aid as you sit and stand. The more we do this; the more strength is taken out of the quad and hamstring muscles. Everyone should make a conscious effort to maintain their quads and work on their strength, so they can stand up and sit down using only these muscles.

How the strength of your leg muscles helps to prevent falls

As we age, the way we walk also changes. Our walking action changes to resemble a shuffle where you’re dragging your toes along the ground. This walking action can result in you tripping and falling which can result in nasty fractures. Therefore, it is encouraged to make a conscious effort to walk in a proper manner and avoid shuffling.

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