When purchasing supplements, it’s advisable to speak to a naturopath or herbalist to ensure you’re receiving the best quality possible. The main reason for this is bioavailability. By law, your naturopath can access higher dose and better quality supplements than those that can be purchased over the counter or via mail order.  Read on to discover some insightful information below.

What is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability refers to the percentage of a supplement your body absorbs and uses.

Calcium Supplements

An example of low bioavailability is one of the most commonly used calcium supplements. While it may contain calcium, it’s a form your body is unable to absorb in high amounts. If taking a supplement containing calcium carbonate, your body is only able to absorb 4% of this ingredient. Calcium carbonate is inexpensive so is used in many low-priced supplements plus added to calcium enriched foods. A supplement containing calcium orotate is likely to absorb 50 to 80%.

Ratio of Nutrients

Another important factor affecting the amount of a nutrient your body absorbs is the ratio of different nutrients. To be effective, a calcium supplement needs to be the correct form of calcium plus have the correct ratio of calcium to magnesium. For every magnesium molecule, your body needs two calcium molecules. This magnesium cannot be made up with dietary intake it needs to be ingested at the same time as the calcium supplement.

An excess of one nutrient in supplements can inhibit the absorption of another with an example of this being folic acid. Folic acid plays an important part in foetal growth, yet too much folic acid can inhibit B12 which is important in foetal development. More is not necessarily better, yet time and time again I see patients who are advised to take excessive doses of iron to treat anaemia.

Taking Supplements at the Best Time

Whether to take supplements on an empty stomach or with food is a factor that needs to be considered. For optimum absorption, fish oil is best taken with food while zinc is best taken on an empty stomach. Naturopaths and Herbalists have years of study and experience to assist with your supplement needs. They will take the time required to look at your current needs, lifestyle and your ability to comply. 

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