Is your child kept up at night and complaining of sore legs? Growing pains can be painful and are very normal.

Having a natural medicine and a good nutrient intake can help your child go through the Growing cycle less painfully. If you can remember how it felt as a child when those aches and pains started, I can imagine you would feel sympathy watching your own child endure the pains too.

When “Growing pains” start the body is crying out for magnesium.—TT-nX2g

Importance of Magnesium

  • Bone Development
  • Blood Pressure

Signs you could be deficient in magnesium

  • No wholegrain
  • Soils lacking nutrients

Processing of wholemeal to make white flour destroys up to 80% of the good nutrients and one of the most important ones is of magnesium. Refined grains in the aspect of multigrain loses its effectiveness as there is not a substantial amount that is needed neither is in white pasta or white rice.

When foods are grown in soils that have not had any nutrition added this could result in nutrient deficiency and would also show in the plant growth. If your child could be struggling from a magnesium diet, ensuring that the proper nutrients are in the foods that are digested will certainly help in all ways.

Magnesium is well known for muscle relaxation and contraction is calcium molecules. The actions together work by calcium is added for the contraction and then when in relaxation mode the magnesium is added. If you are feeling cramps after exercises or vigorous activities this could be a sign of a low diet of magnesium. As we grow the magnesium that is required by our bodies plays an important role in the maintenance of our bones, growth development.

Not All Magnesium Are The Same

Although in stating this not all magnesium’s are the same or absorbed the same way by our systems with bioavailability. Poor quality product of magnesium can have a bioavailability of less than 2%, which won’t be absorbed and will be flushed out of our systems so fast without the nutritional support.

Good quality magnesium such as magnesium orotate has a bioavailability of around 80% (as good as it gets). Magnesium should be supported by other minerals in a supplement. When selecting a good magnesium supplement the following ingredients should also be included: Magnesium orotate, calcium, copper and zinc for optimum therapeutics. Magnesium formulas are available in a powder for easy digestion for children and can be added to water.

For positive growth and development, you can conquer the growing pains and promote good health for the future.

Growing Pains, Are they Normal?

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